The after-sales service of GRANPECT is organized and implemented by the customer service center. The customer service center has established regional customer service centers in many countries and regions at home and abroad. There are two service centers in China, Xi'an and Beijing.


The company has established a three-level after-sales service organization:

Headquarters after-sales service department, which provides advanced technical guidance, spare parts support, training exchanges and emergency rescue;

Regional sales and service centers, establishes a spare parts warehouse, and provides spare parts and technical support to maintenance stations;

On-site maintenance station is equipped with rigorously trained on-site engineers with rich installation and commissioning experience and operation and maintenance experience.


Among them, the after-sales service for VIP Customers is in  the Beijing Sales Service Headquarters (Center). The service center is equipped with professional maintenance engineers to ensure that it can respond to users' maintenance and maintenance requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including public holidays. The maintenance station has established a maintenance tool and spare parts warehouse to stock enough maintenance spare parts and maintenance tools to ensure timely equipment repair, maintenance and replacement of spare parts.