Granpect Company Limited ("GRANPECT" for short) is a high-tech enterprise originating from Tsinghua University integrating NDT development, design, manufacturing, sales and service. Based on Tsinghua University’s technology, the company is committed to the industrialization of Tsinghua University’s high-tech achievements. GRANPECT is the largest and most comprehensive customized industrial CT testing equipment manufacturer in China in terms of electronic linear accelerators, detectors, data acquisition, precision mechanical motion, and autonomous software. GRANPECT combines the scientific research and talent advantages of Tsinghua University with the capital and industrialization advantages of enterprises, and jointly established a joint research institution with Tsinghua University, bringing together a large number of experts, professors, professional and technical personnel, as well as doctors and masters Educational talents. At the same time, the company attaches great importance to technological innovation and closely follow the international cutting-edge technology trends. Relying on the scientific research strength of Tsinghua University, through painstaking research and bold practice, it has realized a variety of innovative new concepts and new designs, and has developed a batch of independent core technologies. High-tech products with intellectual property rights have become a window for the industrialization of Tsinghua University's high-tech achievements.

The first set of 15MeV high-energy linear accelerator non-destructive testing system in China independently developed by GRANPECT won the first prize of the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" major scientific and technological achievements issued by the Ministry of Education. GRANPECT is not only in a leading position in the same industry, but also the only domestic production enterprise with independent intellectual property rights for all core technologies.

GRANPECT has established a comprehensive, full-staff, and full-process quality management system. The company has passed the three-level confidentiality certification, obtained the ISO9001:2000 "Quality Management System Certificate" and "Weapon Equipment Research and Production License", and passed the PLA The "Equipment Contracting Qualification Certification" organized by the General Armament Department has the qualification for military product production.

The company's products are divided by low-energy industrial CT (160Kv-600Kv), high-energy industrial CT (1MeV-15MeV) and electron linear accelerator (0.95MeV-15MeV). Beijing Miyun's production base has a national laboratory (CNAS) to provide testing and data processing services. Professional pre-sales and after-sales service system and experienced technical team have been widely recognized by customers at home and abroad.

GRANPECTis committed to Non-destructive Test field and global advanced manufacturing. Product indicators and various sub-systems can be finely customized according to needs. The company has provided nearly 100 sets of customized radiographic non-destructive testing equipment for global customers.