Electron Linear Accelerator

Working Principle of Electron Linear Accelerator

(1)  The pulse modulator transforms 380VAC commercial power to a high-voltage pulse.

(2)  The high-voltage pulse provides power supply for magnetron through a pulse transformer.

(3)  The magnetron generates a radio frequency microwave of 2998MHz, which is fed into a standing wave accelerating tube through waveguides and forms a forward wave and a backward wave. These two waves form a standing wave after superposition.

(4) The electron gun power unit in pulse modulator modulates the commercial power into a high-voltage pulse. The high-voltage pulse istransformedthrough the pulse transformer in the X-ray head, and then is provided for the electron gunof accelerator tube.

(5) These high-voltage pulses pull electrons from the cathode heated by filament in the electron gun, and accelerate them to the accelerating cavities of the acceleratortube. Electrons interact with the axial standingwave electric field in the accelerating cavities, absorb energy during the process and get a high energy.

(6) Electrons are sped up in the standing-wave field,andenergy of electrons is creasing andachieves designed energy in the end.

(7) Electrons hit the target at the end of speedup and generate an X-ray with a continuousspectrum.

(8) The tungsten shields and collimating cone shield X-raysin other angles and just a fan-shaped beamis retained in frontdirection.