HEXTRON linear accelerator

HEXTRON Electron linear accelerator
Date:2020-04-11 Source:GRANPECT

The electron linear accelerator uses an electromagnetic field to accelerate charged particles to the speed of light, and produces X-rays after hitting a target. Compared with ordinary X-ray machines, the X-rays produced are not only high in energy, but also strong. The industrial non-destructive testing electron linear accelerator has the characteristics of high energy, large dose rate, high stability and small size. Among them, the core component accelerator tube adopts advanced design and manufacturing technologies such as microwave electric field phase focusing, cavity precision machining, and microwave debugging precision welding.

Industrial non-destructive testing electronic linear accelerators are mainly used in industrial CT non-destructive testing systems, digital imaging non-destructive testing systems and radiography systems. H Guhong Technology can provide single-energy electron linear accelerator products of 1-15 megabytes. At the same time, HEXTRON3/1, HEXTRON6/4-, HEXTRON9/6 and HEXTRON15/9 dual-energy electron linear accelerators can also be provided.

System composition: (1) X-ray head (2) Control box (3) Modulator (4) Constant temperature water cooling unit