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Micro-focus X-ray Industrial Computed Tomography System


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Micro-focus X-ray Industrial Computed Tomography System

Micro-focus X-ray industrial computed tomography system is an advanced NDT equipment integrated computer technology, precision machinery technology, optics technology, electronic technology, sensor technology, NDT technology and image processing technology. It is a valid method for product research, failure analysis, high reliable screening and quality evaluation and improvement process. The system is widely used in the fields of aerospace, aviation, weapon, shipbuilding, electronics, machinery and materials.



    (1) With functions of sub-micron ultra- high precision imaging, it can realize research and analysis for   parts with miniature structure featured high, refined, pointed, and materials,  detecting their defects , structure and size.

     (2) Measuring surface and internal dimensions for  precision plastic parts and complex components

     (3) Analyzing and researching for advanced composites

     (4) A valid method of failure analysis

     (5) Analyzing various tiny biological samples

System Components

     (1) Micro-focus X-ray source

     (2) Flat panel detector and image acquirement unit

     (3) Multi-axis high precision mechanical scanning device and electrical control device

     (4) System control, image processing software and computer

     (5) Safety interlock and warning device

Technical parameters

     (1) Type of X-ray tube: Nano-focus tube/micro-focus tube, open tube & closed tube, transmission target/refraction target

     (2)MAX. tube voltage:

           --- For open tube:90kV、110kV、130kV、150kV;

           --- For closed tube:100kV、160kV、190kV、225kV、240kV

      (3) X-ray focus spot size: 0.8μm~15μm

      (4) Type of detector: flat panel detector

      (5) Pixel size: 50μm,74μm,127μm,200μm,400μm

      (6) Detector size: 100mm*100mm~400mm*400mm;        

      (7) Motion freedom degree:

      The motion freedom degree of system can adopt standard configuration or select to customize it. Standard configuration is with programmable 5 -axis freedom degree,

       --- Rotary motion of turntable

       --- Up and down of turntable

       --- Translation of turntable along X-ray beaming direction

       --- Translation of turntable along the direction perpendicular to X-ray beaming

       --- Translation of detector along X-ray beaming direction

       --- Optional: Tilting motion of turntable;

       --- Optional: Translation of detector alongthe direction perpendicular to X-ray beaming

      (8) Configuration  of  Hardware and Software:   

            ---- Workstation and High performance display card

            ---- System control and image acquisition software

            ---- Cone-beam CT reconstruction software

            ---- Image processing and inspection software

            ---- 3D image processing software(optional): defect analysis, wall thickness measurement, coordinate measurement, nominal/actual comparison

Shielding Cabinet

     (1) Size: 2200mm*1500mm*2200mm(L*W*H)

     (2) Leakage radiation: <1μSv/h

     (3) Door interlock switch and alarm, anti-collision and anti- interference devices