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Vehicular Mobile Radiographic NDT System


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Vehicular Mobile Radiographic NDT Systems

The Vehicular Mobile Radiographic Non-destructive testing System integrates accelerator, electric control and safety interlock equipment, film processing equipment, auxiliary power supply on the vehicle chassis. It can be used to inspect the internal defects of large objects (e.g. solid propellant of missile motors), like voids, cracks, porosity, inclusions, looseness, disbonds and etc. In order to provide  information for improving the quality of large objects and extending their service life. The system reach advanced level which satisfy the demands for various industries as aviation, space technology, war industry, shipbuilding, pressure vessel manufacturing, steel tube manufacturing.

System Components

     --- High-energy electron linear accelerator

     --- Mechanical Unit of Inspection Vehicle

     --- Electric Control Devices

     --- Darkroom and Film Processing Devices

     --- Auxiliary Power Supply

     --- Safety Interlock Devices 

System Features

     --- Mobility: suitable for either road traveling or railroad transportation, with the features of high-speed mobility, easy maintenance, fewer operators required

     --- The X-ray head is able to make pitching, revolving, and vertical movements

     --- The overall movement of the inspection vehicle does not need to start up the chassis engine

     --- Equipped with multiple safety interlocks and alarm devices to ensure the safety of personnel and equipments

     --- Power supply: two supply modes including, i.e. the commercial power supply and auxiliary power supply 

System Energy