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Industrial CT NDT System Based on X-ray Tube


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Industrial Computed Tomography NDT System Based on X-ray Tube

Industrial CT NDT system is advanced NDT equipment integrated nuclear technology, computer technology, control technology and precision machinery.

Industrial CT NDT system can realize diversified function, such as internal structure examination, density distribution, defects quantitative inspection, assembly validity and reverse engineer. It has been widely used in aerospace, aviation, weapon building, shipbuilding, electronics and machinery.

The industrial CT non-destructive testing system can select to configure different energy X-tube and detector, such as flat panel detector or line array detector. Furthermore, it can meet the various needs of inspection by configuring multi-X-ray source and multi-detector.


System Components

      ---  X-ray source: X-ray tube

      ---  Detector type: Line array detector, flat panel detector

      --- Multi-degree of freedom precision mechanical devices and electrical control

      --- System control module, data acquisition module, image reconstruction and processing module

      --- Safety interlock and warning

System parameters/model

Series of X-ray tube

Scanning mode


X-ray energy(kV)


Spatial resolution(lp/mm)


Density resolution

Better than 0.5%

Image scan time(min)


Operating temperature


Operating humidity


Detection range(length, diameter, weight)