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Application of 0.95MeV electron linear accelerator instead of radiation source

Radiography testing is a common non-destructive testing method which must be applied in pressure vessel industry. It is mainly used for the detection of weld line quality. In the radiography testing, different X-ray Source such as X-ray tube, radioisotope or accelerator is adopted respectively according to the different wall thickness of workpiece. Different radiation protection building should be constructed based on the different X-ray source.

Radioisotope source is generally used to detect container that thickness of steel is about 100 mm. Its factory building construction should meet the requirements of its radiation protection. At present, the radioisotope is gradually being replaced by accelerator due to its inconvenience of management and its uncontrollable radiation. Considering the original factory building can still be used in the replacement and not to increase the construction investment, 0.95MeV electron linear accelerator was successfully developed by GRANPECT, which has been successfully applied in market.

Characteristics of 0.95 MeV electron linear  accelerator:

(1) X-ray source is controllable, safety get improved.

(2) With the isotopic radioactive elements Ir137, Co60 being replaced, the risk of storage and scrapping of radioactive isotopes is eliminated.

(3) Large-scale reconstruction for factory building is not needed.

System Components

(1) X-ray head  

(2) Control console 

(3) Modulator

(4) Temperature control unit